Bcover, risk and insurance management at the broker’s service

The new Bcover simplifies, automates and perfects the analysis and risk management of your business customers. Intelligent analysis and maximum connectivity to make you more efficient and competitive.

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Download the Bcover dossier now to learn about all its features and the advantages of how to simplify, automate and perfect the analysis and management of risks with this application.

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Risk analytics

The use of advanced data analysis simplifies the process of risk characterisation, analysis and assessment.

Bcover incorporates elements of Big Data and Risk Analytics for semi-automated risk characterisation and assessment. The application incorporates risk prediction models based on:

Public data sources
Geographic Information Systems
Insurance industry databases
Sectoral claims databases
Analysis of external data sources
Mapping and map analytics
API connectivity
Big Data intelligence

Nº1 also in figures

  • +60 Risks to be analysed
  • +20 Insurance solutions
  • +60 Warranties included
  • +150 Control measures

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